ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part IV: Variable Cost Structure

This post is part IV of IV in a series about ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions. You can see parts I, II and III herehere, and here, respectively. Be sure to check back later for more posts in the series.

ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part III--Variable Cost Structure

Ongoing support is a requirement to provide the most functionality and return on the SAP investment, and to achieve full benefits of the technology.

In terms of the final segment of our support and outsourcing solutions, variable cost structure, we can once again break things down into a few parts:

  • Realization of return on investment
  • Minimizing of total cost of ownership
  • Defining specific service levels at a predictable and flexible cost, reflecting business volumes

Such direct support provides significant value that will result in targeted benefits and shareholder returns. SAP provides bug fixes and new functionality that will help your organization improve and streamline end-to-end processes to drive decisions for your business.

Beyond the SAP changes, your business will also continue to evolve. Keeping SAP support cost to a minimum throughout will help your business meet its key strategic objectives and key performance indicators, ensuring overall success.

ICG will help you define a roadmap for your organization with the near- and long-term timelines by providing your organization with insight into where you are headed. We will define guidelines regarding the integration of new business requirements and new SAP functionality so that everyone in the organization understands the process and business benefits.

Variable cost structure allows you to realize your return on the SAP investment by minimizing SAP support costs, while also being able to harness existing and new functionality through the use of ICG’s experts. We will know your business, and we understand both where processes may be tweaked, and when new functionality will provide benefit. All of this helps you realize the value of all components with a fee structure based on a percentage. This approach is added value that goes beyond a unit, or fixed, price.

Service level agreements (SLAs) will be detailed for every organization. Timelines for responses and fixes will be put in place, along with the process to make that happen. This will be outlined in detail, and metrics implemented, for full transparency.

Scaling the number of resources to keep costs minimal, while providing increased support at critical times, will be defined within the SLAs. Our process methodology will strengthen your vision, create efficiency to improve results and payback, and capitalize on system innovation.

Variable cost structure is the last step in ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions, and helps your business realize ROI.

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