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SAP HCM Payroll tip: Preventing errors before they occur & using user exits to your advantage

As part of the audit process, SAP customers develop a number of custom reports for the HR module to look for things like missing infotypes or specific items. Let’s look at some tax calculations – especially if you're a company that has many, many tax jurisdictions. In the US, for example, if you’re a company in Pennsylvania or Ohio where employees move between areas and there are many locals. In these cases, you may not have the configuration set up for the ... Read more

SAP HCM Payroll tip: Timing your payroll processing to prevent errors & give IT and HR some breathing room

Typically, companies are running their payrolls on Monday or Tuesday so they can get a payroll out by the end of the week and make direct deposits in a timely manner. When dealing with that, typically audits should start at least a day or two prior. If it's on Monday, by Friday you might want to start looking at some basic things: Do I have all my audit reports? Does everybody have a cost center? Does every employee have an Infotype 9? Then, based on your ... Read more

SAP HCM Payroll tips – Audit Checks: Some key Infotypes not to overlook

Of all the audit checks that you could perform, there are a couple that really are key – and critical to payroll success. In fact, I'm actually working with a client that's recently gone live now. These audit checks were not put in place prior to go‑live, and now there's a scramble to put them in. One of them is checking a report that will go out and check for missing infotypes. If an employee is missing certain infotypes when they get into ... Read more