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CATS Series Recap

SAP provides very useful and robust functionality to capture employee time in Cross-Application Time Sheets (CATS). CATS is a mechanism to capture employee time and post to cost centers, projects, networks, or other cost objects. Over the last couple of months we have covered the following topics: Understanding the basics of CATS Using CATS Data: Updating CO Using CATS Data: Updating PM Using CATS Data: Updating PS Using CATS Data: Updating HR Transferring CATS Data CATS Profiles CATS User Parameters CATS User Exits We hope you have found these posts useful. ... Read more

CATS User Exits

We've covered several aspects of CATS over the last several blog posts. As we come to an end of the series, we must talk about available user exits to enhance the CATS experience. There are a total of 14 user exits for use with CATS. Utilizing user exits allows for additional functionality and behind-the-scenes data processing. These user exits allow automatic lookups, formatting, validations, etc. to reduce user input and data entry errors.List here you see 5 of the user exits I ... Read more