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Should Your Business Offer a Corporate Wellness Program?

Corporate wellness programs have been gaining in popularity for some time now--many companies offer a corporate wellness program, offering cheaper insurance and other benefits to those who enroll. These types of programs have only been made more popular with the rise of wearable fitness technology, which helps keep better track of individual and organizational fitness. But why are so many companies interested in corporate wellness? Corporate wellness programs offer many benefits, including some of the following: Cheaper insurance costs:┬áMany insurance companies offer lower insurance ... Read more

3 Benefits to a Well-Run HR Department

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal,┬ácalled "Companies Say No to Having an HR Department," notes that companies ditching traditional HR are finding that "the only thing worse than having an HR department is not having one." While HR is often perceived as a pain, it doesn't have to be that way. Human Capital Management software, coupled in with the right people, allows your HR department to function like it should instead of continuing to carry a negative perception. Here are a ... Read more

Steve Bogner Hosts an SAP Panel with Mike Timm and Brigid Sternberg

As Steve Bogner of Insight Consulting Partners jokes about SAP, "once you get into payroll, you don't go back." While the SAP HCM Payroll module is immensely useful, taking full advantage of its functionality requires an intimate understanding of the processes at play behind the scenes--something that isn't always easy, given how many factors are involved. This is a well-known dilemma for many business owners using SAP HCM software, which is exactly the reason that the SAPinsider studio hosted an SAP panel at ... Read more