Support and Outsourcing

Ongoing Support and Outsourcing Solutions

ICG has helped small, mid-sized and some of the world’s largest companies creatively solve challenging business issues with SAP change management software within HCM initiatives. We have many years of skilled SAP system experience in a broad cross-section of industries including professional services, manufacturing, media, high-tech and natural resources. Our professional knowledge provides value to your organization with a unique perspective to explore the latest in business trends for HCM and change management.

ICG brings the skills, expertise, processes, valuable tools, and methodologies needed to manage your existing SAP implementation and transform it according to company requirements.


Global sourcing

  • Economies of scale
  • Flexible and effective ongoing support
  • Reduce client business risks regarding critical skills

Leverage technology

  • Expand employee self-service mindset
  • Proactive upgrade & maintenance management

Deploy best practices

  • Achieve business benefits and goals
  • Implementation and support of best practices and technology
  • Stabilize the SAP environment

Variable cost structure

  • Realization of return on investment
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Define specific service levels at a predictable and flexible cost reflecting business volumes