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10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Data Integrity

In last week’s blog post, we introduced our blog series about the 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll. This week, we will cover the first critical factor: Data Integrity. Data integrity in payroll is a fundamental requirement due to the sensitive nature of what is being accomplished. Payroll is processed at a point in time with the expectation that incoming data is factual and complete. The most straight forward and probably the best definition is from Thomas McRae in The Impact of ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll

SAP Payroll can be a complex and unwieldy system when not methodically implemented and maintained. The SAP Payroll business processes can be accurate and efficient when the 10 most critical factors are considered and understood by those implementing, maintaining, and performing business processes. When it comes to configuring, processing, and administering payroll, small details can have big ramifications. This 10 blog post series will dive into the most critical business, strategy, and technical topics every payroll professional must weigh carefully in order to avoid ... Read more