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Blogging as a Hiring Resource

We’ve talked about blogging before in previous posts, specifically how a blog can further a business or HR department. But how can blogging be used as a hiring resource? Running a blog that is career-oriented can help you stand out against your peers. Whether you’re in-between jobs or have been working in the same career field for years, starting a professional blog has its benefits. Here are a few benefits to starting a career-oriented blog: Networking: When you are in charge of a blog ... Read more

Does Age Matter?

Ageism isn’t a new topic, especially when it comes to age difference in the workplace. We put large groups of people into categories: millennials, generation Xers, baby boomers, the traditionalists. There are even online quizzes that claim to give insight into age groups. So is it important to have a nice mix of the categories working at your business? Is there a ratio to strive for (e.g. 50% millennials, 35% generation Xers, 10% baby boomers, 5% traditionalists)? Is age important in the ... Read more

4 Tips for Technology In the Workplace

Some people love technology. They crave the newest software, iPhone, tablet, or gaming system. Others don’t know that their laptop is capable of playing a DVD or that their phone has the power to hold all of their music downloads. Technology uses are changing daily; social media isn’t just used to connect to your old high school friends or to follow your favorite actors anymore. The medium on how to get information to your clients or future clients has changed drastically; blogging, ... Read more

Are You Pushing Potential Candidates Away?

In a few of our past blog posts, we have talked about the importance of the hiring process and what to look for in a candidate. It’s also important to remember that your candidates are evaluating you and your company as well. Here are a few things that you might be doing that turns candidates away (you might not even know you’re doing them): Online presence: First, have an online presence, whether it be a Facebook page, Twitter account, website, and/or blog (the ... Read more

Go Ahead & Fail: Learning from Failure

For most people, it’s difficult to admit to failure, mostly because we tend to view failure as a bad thing. It’s because somewhere along the way, the word failure became personal; people think that when they fail, it reflects back on them as a person and that they are somehow insufficient or lacking because of their mistakes. That doesn’t have to be the case. As innovator Ben Shaffer says in his presentation on failure, you can’t get to the ground-breaking ideas without building ... Read more