Are You Pushing Potential Candidates Away?

meetingIn a few of our past blog posts, we have talked about the importance of the hiring process and what to look for in a candidate. It’s also important to remember that your candidates are evaluating you and your company as well.

Here are a few things that you might be doing that turns candidates away (you might not even know you’re doing them):

  • Online presence: First, have an online presence, whether it be a Facebook page, Twitter account, website, and/or blog (the more of these, the better). Second, keep them updated. An outdated website with minimal content makes your company seem like it can’t keep up with the ever-changing technology. Candidates want to work for a company that knows what’s going on and can adapt to change.
  • Job descriptions: Where are you posting your job openings? Is it on a reputable site? Where you post your job openings is directly related to the kind of resumes and applications you will get. Also, make sure the description is engaging, free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and give potential candidates a nice overview of the job description.
  • Response time: How long does it take you to fill a job opening? A week, month, or longer? An exact response time can’t be given as there is no set time, but you don’t want to be too slow and have your best candidates get hired on at a different company because that company responded quicker. Yet, you don’t want to be too fast and miss key information from an employee that would have shown you that they wouldn’t be a good fit after all.
  • You: As states, it’s time to realize that one of the biggest reasons why people quit has to do with you, their boss. Let your candidates and employees know how they can work their way up in the company. Be around to answer questions. Don’t overload your employees. Offer competitive salaries and benefits. And never underestimate the power of letting your employees know they’ve done a job well.

Keep in mind that your candidates are also your customers. Treat potential candidates with respect and remember that they are evaluating you and your company as well. If they are treated badly or your hiring process doesn’t run smoothly, they will remember, and they will take their business elsewhere.

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photo credit: GVAHIM via photopin cc