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Blogging as a Hiring Resource

We’ve talked about blogging before in previous posts, specifically how a blog can further a business or HR department. But how can blogging be used as a hiring resource? Running a blog that is career-oriented can help you stand out against your peers. Whether you’re in-between jobs or have been working in the same career field for years, starting a professional blog has its benefits. Here are a few benefits to starting a career-oriented blog: Networking: When you are in charge of a blog ... Read more

Are You Pushing Potential Candidates Away?

In a few of our past blog posts, we have talked about the importance of the hiring process and what to look for in a candidate. It’s also important to remember that your candidates are evaluating you and your company as well. Here are a few things that you might be doing that turns candidates away (you might not even know you’re doing them): Online presence: First, have an online presence, whether it be a Facebook page, Twitter account, website, and/or blog (the ... Read more

The Hiring Process, Part III: For the Interviewee

This post is part III of a three-part series about hiring. The last two weeks, we covered what to look for when hiring and how hiring affects your business. You can find part I of the series hereand part II here. The last two weeks, we’ve been focusing on the company’s side of the hiring process. This week, we’ll take a look at how the interviewee can stand out. Here are a few things to remember during the interview process as a job seeker: Revise ... Read more