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HR Connections – Mike Timm on SAP Payroll Control Center

Mike Timm, Founder and Managing Partner of Integrated Consulting Group, joins SAPinsider for an HR Connections podcast that focuses on SAP Payroll Control Center. Listen to the HR Connections - Mike Timm on SAP Payroll Control Center, and read the transcript of the conversation here: Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi, this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider, and you’re listening to another installment of HR Connections, an SAPinsider podcast series that focuses on the latest developments and trends in the HR space. Today, I’m pleased ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Overpayment and claims

We have reached the final post in the 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll series. Overpayments and claims are amounts that SAP Payroll determines to be owed by the employee to the company. Overpayments and claims are generated when master data is changed retroactively and the employee received too large of an increase in Basic Pay was on LOA and has benefits deductions due on return received a bonus in error Payroll will generate wage type /561 Claim which represents the amount the employee owes the ... Read more