ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part III: Deploying Best Practices

This post is part III of IV in a series about ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions. Over the coming weeks, we’ll cover each aspect of our support and outsourcing solutions, from global sourcing, to variable cost structure. You can see parts I and II here and here, respectively. Be sure to check back later for more posts in the series.

ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part III Deploying Best PracticesThroughout this series so far, we’ve covered two key parts of ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions: global sourcing, and leveraging technology. But as you might imagine, leveraging technology isn’t the only next step when it comes to ensuring the success of your business over time.

For us, deploying best practices means doing three things:

  • Achieving business benefits and goals
  • Implementation and support of best practices and technology
  • Stabilizing the SAP environment

Global sourcing and leveraging technology work hand-in-hand with deploying best practices. SAP provides a tremendous amount of functionality, and continually adds functionality through updates.

Global sourcing’s advantages include tapping into skills or resources that were previously unavailable. It helps to reach procurement goals to generate cost savings, ensure quality, and reduce expenses. Implementing existing and new functionality with businesses processes that are efficient and effective can help drive ROI. And simplification and change management will be used heavily to reduce the time necessary to perform tasks, by maximizing functionality and eliminating workarounds.

In terms of best practice deployment, ICG’s many years of experience across organizations and industries of varying sizes has provided us with a detailed understanding of business process best practices for implementing effective change control programs. We also help with the identification of business goals, and understand that the business processes to get there may not be the same for every organization. We know the standard business processes very well and know how those may be tweaked to fit each organization perfectly.

Many times, simplification of business processes will be implemented with change management that will provide significant ROI through administrative costs and functionality enhancements. Simplification will also decrease the time needed to stabilize an SAP environment and allow for quicker training of new employees to the organization. And finally, deploying best practices that help reduce the complexity and cost of implementation will stabilize your SAP environment.

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