ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part II: Leveraging Technology

This post is part II of IV in a series about ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions. Over the coming weeks, we’ll cover each aspect of our support and outsourcing solutions, from global sourcing, to variable cost structure. You can see part I here. Be sure to check back later for more posts in the series.

ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part II--Leveraging TechnologyEarlier this week, we kicked off our series on ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions with a post about global sourcing. But as you might imagine, support and outsourcing encompasses much more than just global sourcing. Today, we’re going to take a look at another element of this stage in the process: leveraging technology.

At ICG, leveraging technology includes two main things:

  • Expanding the employee self-service mindset
  • Proactive upgrading & maintenance management

How can you take advantage of and leverage SAP innovative technology to generate value for your business? Achieving the ROI of the SAP investment is a critical component of your company’s SAP strategic roadmap. Our professionals at ICG will uncover areas where the SAP functionalitymay be underutilized, and identify which aspects you should consider when implementing essential technology solutions to achieve sustainability for your business.

Utilizing SAP technology can transform the user experience and allow employees to maintain their own data such as bank accounts, new addresses, etc., which reduces the Human Resources overhead of shuffling paper and making those changes. Employees become empowered, and in many cases, this is new to HR and employees alike. Change management is necessary to facilitate this transition and to make it easy and effective.

Upgrading and maintaining the SAP investment on a scheduled basis will allow bug fixes and new functionality to be introduced at the organization’s desired pace. SAP provides several methods of maintenance, and ICG will work with your organization to determine which method best fits your needs so that your SAP technology can be up-to-date. HR has components, such as payroll and reporting, which require regular periodic updates due to legislative changes. We’ll work with your organization to design a methodology that will initiate these updates with minimal impact to various departments within the organization.

ICG professionals can help your team to embrace innovation, adapt to change, and ensure effective collaboration and efficient operations. Get in touch with ICG to discover how SAP software can help your organization leverage technology and achieve long-term benefits.

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