ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part I: Global Sourcing

ICG Support and Outsourcing Solutions, Part I--Global Sourcing

This post is part I of IV in a series about ICG’s support and outsourcing solutions. Over the coming weeks, we’ll cover each aspect of our support and outsourcing solutions, from global sourcing, to variable cost structure. Be sure to check back later for more posts in the series.

In our last series about ICG’s implementation solutions, we covered what goes into the actual implementation of our SAP HCM solutions, from project management to go-live and support.

But our services–and our process–don’t stop there. We also offer world-class support and outsourcing solutions and bring the skills, expertise, processes, valuable tools, and methodologies needed to manage your existing SAP implementation and transform it according to company requirements.

Our support and outsourcing solutions start with global sourcing, which can be broken down into three factors:

  • Economies of scale
  • Flexible and effective ongoing support
  • Reducing client business risks regarding critical skills

Organizations invest a great deal of time and money in SAP and expect to gain significant efficiencies by fully utilizing the functionality, and streamlining whenever and wherever possible. Supporting the investment and identifying areas to ensure there is consistency and a knowledge structure takes a detailed understanding of the underlying SAP architecture and configuration. You want to build the right sourcing environment that not only drives a cost savings to the bottom line, but helps to minimize potential risk by consolidating sourcing processes.

Global sourcing support allows for greater flexibility with capacity management, staffing expertise, risk mitigation, and costs. Our experts come from across the globe and we leverage the right skillset at the right time to effectively sustain excellence through monitoring spending to reduce the bottom line contribution.

During times of higher need, we have the ability to scale to meet those needs, and then compress when the need subsides. This can reduce an organization’s spend by matching the need. As we scale, we continue to utilize experts in their areas to provide the most effective support. Our global resourcing and flexibility allow ICG to provide experts that will support areas of SAP that your organization finds valuable, all by making the most of every dollar saved.

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