What Is Change Management?

What Is Change Management

In conversations about our services here on our blog, and even in broader conversations about SAP HCM consulting, a term you’re very likely to see come up is “change management.” But if you’re unfamiliar with SAP HCM and HCM solutions, there’s a chance that you may not know exactly what change management is, or why it matters.

So what is change management, and why should businesses be so concerned with it?

Put simply, change management is an approach to implementing changes in an organization in a structured, thought-out way. Any time a business needs large-scale change within the organization–such as implementing SAP HCM solutions like we do here at ICG–a structured approach makes success much more likely, and almost always ends up with better results than you’d see without proper change management.

Proper change management focuses on both the big picture and the smaller details at the same time. Here at ICG, for example, our implementation process covers everything from a business blueprint which fully structures the application of SAP HCM, all the way down to the training of individual employees in all aspects of the software and of support. By focusing on the big picture while not losing sight of important small details, we help to ensure that businesses can navigate the change as smoothly as possible.

In all situations where change management is a factor, the end goal is increased efficiency, smoother processes, and overall better preparation for today’s changing business environment. From the implementation of SAP HCM software, to an overall change in strategy to reflect a changing industry, change management isn’t limited to any one specific change–only the processes that surround it. So long as there’s a structure in place, the concept of change management is one that can be applied across a wide variety of changes and consulting needs.

Making sure you have the proper processes in place for whatever change you’re seeking to implement is what change management is all about. If you’d like to learn more about ICG and how we can help your business with change management and the implementation of SAP HCM software, let us know on Twitter @Integrated_CG, via email at info@integratedcg.com, or by phone at (866) 415-0071. We’re always here to answer your questions and would be more than happy to help.

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