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10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Year-end processing

Year-end processing encompasses several areas already discussed or will be discussed in the next post of the 10 most critical factors of SP payroll series. HRSP and CLC Tax reporter and auditing Overpayments and claims The year-end process should not begin in October, but should start immediately after annual tax reporting is complete for the previous year. The initial tasks should be a lessons learned document and business process documentation updates. This documentation will help us to not forget what we just went through in getting the previous ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Troubleshooting

In this post we will cover troubleshooting as part of the series 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll. As we have discussed in previous posts in the series, payroll is greatly influenced by and processes the combined data from several sources. SAP system HRSPs (HR support packs) Configuration Accounting Cost objects HR master data Employee actions Infotypes Time Management Time capture Time evaluation Troubleshooting requires a good deal of diligence of keeping track of what is going outside of just payroll. Many of the areas we've previously covered can impact payroll such ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Tax reporting and auditing

We have covered 6 of the 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll in this blog post series. The next area we'll cover is Tax reporting and auditing. Over the years, SAP has developed many payroll reports to make tax reporting and audit simpler process. However, these monthly, quarterly, and annual rituals can consume significant amounts of time and energy from payroll departments depending on the level of understanding of what SAP provides. Hopefully, you are already aware of the following reports you can use ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Time management

We have finished five of the 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll and will explore time management in this post. Time Management includes the collection of time-related data, absences and attendances, and may include evaluation of the raw data all within SAP. SAP delivers several Infotypes to collect data with the most common being: 2001 Absences 2002 Attendances 2006 Absence Quotas 2010 Employee Remuneration Info 2013 Quota Correction 0416 Time Quota Compensation These infotypes may be maintained directly, through the use of Cross-Application Time Sheets (CATS), or ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Unit and parallel testing

Unit and parallel testing is the fifth factor in the 10 most critical factors of SAP Payroll. We covered Data integrity, Integration, Configuration and Customization, and HRSP and legal changes in the first four blog posts. Testing is a building process where we look at individual functionality and see how it fits in the big picture. We can then identify how the process changes when moving from another system or by changes to the SAP system. How do are the differing levels ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: HRSP and legal changes

This is the fourth of 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll. We covered Data integrity, Integration, and Configuration and Customization in the first three and in this post we will cover Human Resources Support Packages and Country Legal Changes. Human Resources Support Packages (HRSPs) were put in place by SAP many years ago to reduce the impact of updates towards year-end to HR and HR submodules. HRSPs are released approximately every month and contain individual SAP Notes and other legal and correction updates. Country Legal ... Read more

HR2015 Photo Update: Day 2

If you've been keeping up with ICG on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you'll know that through the rest of the week I'll be attending the HR2015 Conference in Las Vegas. I have already spoken at my five sessions and was an expert at Ask-the-Experts. I look forward to a more relaxed couple of days at the conference. Check out some pictures from HR2015 Day 2:   Check back later this week for more photos and updates from HR2015. And in the mean time, for more updates about ... Read more

HR 2015 Las Vegas | March 4

Yesterday was fun at HR2015! Catch these afternoon sessions today on Day 2. Managing payroll claims, garnishments, month-end accruals, and more: Lessons from the trenches Mike Timm, ICG Time: Wednesday, March 4 1:00 PM Pacific Room: Raphael 3 Through detailed screenshots and system demos, this session provides critical guidance based on real-world experience for ensuring accurate and timely processing of overpayments, garnishments, retroactive calculations, and month-end accruals. By attending, you will learn how to: Configure wage types to support claims forgiveness, repayment, and deduction recovery Reconcile claims from a ... Read more

HR 2015 Las Vegas | March 3

If you are attending HR2015 today, make sure to catch these sessions! Field-tested strategies to avoid or overcome the most common and costly payroll and time-related challenges Mike Timm, ICG Time: Tuesday, March 3 11:15 AM Pacific Room: Raphael 3 This session tackles some of the most common payroll and time-related pitfalls and offers proven techniques for identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving them, including lessons to: Identify the object master data, configuration, or systemic issue causing the payroll error, and determine the best approach for resolution Overcome technical complexities associated ... Read more

HR2015 Las Vegas | March 3-6 Recommended Schedule

HR2015 is right around the corner and the Agenda Builder has been released. There are many options at each time slot and choosing can be difficult. Below is the recommended schedule we put together to get the most out of the conference. March 3, 2015 9:00 AM - Tower Ballroom 2 How moving your HR to the Cloud is like the game “Snakes and Ladders” Mike Ettling, SAP Keynote panel: Cloud: What, why, and how David Ludlow, SAP Roland Cloutier, ADP Tony Coyle, Capgemini 11:15 AM - Raphael 3 Field-tested strategies ... Read more
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