Optimizing Payroll in SAP: Day 3

Here’s a view of the sessions Mike Timm will be presenting tomorrow, Day 3 of Optimizing Payroll in SAP.





Field-tested strategies to avoid or overcome the most common and costly payroll and time-related challenges

Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

This session tackles some of the most common payroll challenges and provides essential information every payroll professional can use to overcome them and streamline payroll processes and operations. Attendees will explore common payroll issues and come away with expert tips to more efficiently troubleshoot and resolve payroll errors when they occur, including lessons to:

  • Troubleshoot process models and properly reactivate them after an error, including whether and how to use enabling SAP tools
  • Manage common challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and get tips to accelerate the acceptance of a new payroll system
  • Overcome technical complexities associated with setting up and customizing schemas and rules
  • Leverage CATS and the time schema to more easily process complex time rules and avoid time-related discrepancies
  • Assess potential payroll data issues by running Tax Reporter in simulation mode and analyzing the error log
  • Identify the object master data, configuration, or systemic issue causing the payroll error, and determine the best approach for resolution

photo credit: Wellesley Information Services, LLC via payrollseminar.wispubs.com