Optimizing Payroll in SAP: Day 2

Here’s a view of the sessions Mike Timm will be presenting tomorrow, Day 2 of Optimizing Payroll in SAP.





This session provides configuration best practices, process decisions, and technical considerations for integrating SAP payroll with accounting (FI/CO) and benefits applications and processes. By attending this session, you will:

  • Examine the integration points between payroll and key accounting (FI/CO) applications like GL, treasury, cost accounting, and accounts payable, and come away with:
    • The best ways to optimize data flows and troubleshoot common errors
    • Payroll interface design techniques that help drive streamlined integration
    • Tips to reverse postings between payroll and accounting and set up a company transfer clearing account, and post taxes by tax authority
    • Configuration best practices to streamline third-party payment processing
  • Understand what’s required to process benefits in conjunction with payroll in SAP ERP HCM, including insight into:
    • Configuration and integration guidelines, including an overview of benefits wage types
    • Infotype dates and payroll schema for determining deduction start, end, and proration
    • How to handle health plans, insurance plans, and savings plans
    • Where payroll and benefits functionalities overlap in SAP ERP HCM


Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

This session examines information and key factors essential in avoiding costly tax-related pitfalls, including a thorough review of US tax regulations and associated reporting and auditing requirements. By attending this session, you will:

  • Master tax configuration in SAP ERP HCM, including key tax models, types, and combinations
  • Obtain lessons to avoid potentially costly pitfalls associated with wage types and tax models, such as tweaking the existing model for deferred compensation
  • Get critical guidance to comply with state and federal tax regulations and auditing requirements
  • Explore how to use Tax Reporter to run multi-worksite, SUI, and W2s, including how to reconcile between Tax Reporter and payroll results
  • Get expert recommendations for managing and tracking BSI Tax Update Bulletin (TUBs), including how often you should install them and how to identify TUBs gaps
  • Examine the steps required to update to and properly leverage BSI TaxFactory 10.0, including an overview of new and enhanced functions in the latest version


Mike Timm, Integrated Consulting Group

Through detailed screenshots and system demos, this session provides critical guidance, based on real-world experience, for ensuring accurate and timely processing of overpayments, garnishments, retroactive calculations, and month-end accruals. By attending, you will:

  • Get guidelines to reconcile claims from a user, functional, and technical perspective, including the impact of IRS regulations related to claim processing and the different taxing rules that apply
  • Learn how to configure wage types to support claims forgiveness, repayment, and deduction recovery, including tips for dealing with claims that continue from one year to another
  • Understand how to manage the impact of overpayment recovery on taxes
  • Avoid common pitfalls associated with posting retroactive calculations and month-end accruals and learn how to automate month-end accruals and cost center overwrites
  • Get lessons to ensure the accuracy of garnishment configuration and administration, including tips to manage effective dates of garnishments and reports to track and monitor their activity


All speakers

In this no-holds-barred panel discussion, you set the agenda! Bring your most pressing questions around payroll, time, taxes, and more and get candid answers, recommendations, and advice from all three expert speakers based on their own experiences with clients. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get your most critical questions answered by some of the world’s foremost authorities in SAP payroll.

photo credit: Wellesley Information Services, LLC via payrollseminar.wispubs.com