Optimizing Payroll in SAP: Day 1

Here’s a view of the session Mike Timm will be presenting tomorrow, Day 1 of Optimizing Payroll in SAP.


 The 10 most critical factors that impact the accuracy and efficiency of SAP payroll

When it comes to configuring, processing, and administering payroll, small details can have big ramifications. This session delves into the most critical business, strategy, and technical topics every payroll professional must weigh carefully in order to avoid unnecessary costs and maximize efficiency. By attending this session, attendees will:

  • Examine the role and impact of:
    1. Data integrity
    2. Integration
    3. Configuration and customization
    4. HRSP and legal changes
    5. Unit and parallel testing
    6. Time management
    7. Tax reporting and auditing
    8. Troubleshooting
    9. Year-end processing
    10. Overpayments and claims
  • Gain insight into the time, effort, and cost associated with each item, its impact on overall ROI, and where it falls within the overall payroll process

photo credit: Wellesley Information Services, LLC via payrollseminar.wispubs.com