ICG Implementation Solutions, Part III: Realization

This post is part III of IV in a series about ICG’s implementation solutions. Over the coming weeks, we’ll cover each aspect of our implementation solutions, from project management to go-live and support. Be sure to check back later for more posts in the series. You can find parts I and II of the series here and here, respectively.

ICG Implementation Solutions, Part III- RealizationAfter the critical steps of project management and business blueprinting, the next stage of ICG’s implementation process is realization–the final stage before go-live and support.

Like project management and business blueprinting, realization can be broken down into a few main parts:

  • System configuration
  • Report specification and build
  • Interface specification and build
  • Conversion specification and build
  • Unit testing
  • End user training preparation and delivery

Realization takes the time and effort put into the business blueprinting stage and enacts the desired outcomes and expected benefits.

During the project management phase, we identified the resources, and who would complete the configuration efforts by thinking through all of the ways our project affects the organization. With all the processes and requirements fully documented and understood, our professionals work with your staff to configure SAP and deliver projects with better control.

Knowledge transfer continues through this phase so that the eventual support staff thoroughly understands the implementation and configuration through documentation and/or hands-on training.

As the configuration is put in place, unit tests are completed, and any adjustments necessary to the configuration are identified and resolved. Adjustments go through the change request process identified during the project management phase, and business blueprint documents will be updated to capture the changes.

Unit tests, as part of the development process for proper operation, are determined and performed, and will eventually be the foundation for end-user training development and help desk support scripts. Custom code for reports, interfaces, and conversions is written and thoroughly tested in a dedicated testing environment.

After realization, the process is nearly complete and we can move through to the go-live and support stage. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, but our process here at ICG is meant to evaluate every aspect of our project to enable success after go-live.

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