HR 2016 Vienna, Austria | June 20 – 22

HR-2016-ViennaHR 2016 is the definitive conference for organisations evaluating and running SAP® and SAP SuccessFactors solutions including core HR, talent management, and payroll. Top experts from SAP, leading independent consulting firms, and your industry counterparts will present roadmaps, tips, tricks, best practices, and strategic recommendations that you can immediately put to use upon returning to the office.

Field-tested strategies to avoid or overcome the most common and costly payroll- and time-related challenges
Mike Timm, ICG

This session tackles some of the common payroll challenges and provides information which payroll administrators can use to overcome them by streamlining processes and operations. Through tips and tricks, delegates will learn how to:

  • Troubleshoot process models and properly reactivate them after an error, including whether and how to use enabling SAP tools
  • Overcome technical complexities associated with setting up and customising schemas and rules
  • Leverage CATS and the time schema to more easily process complex time rules and avoid time-related discrepancies
  • Identify the object master data, configuration, or systemic issue causing the payroll error, and determine the best approach for resolution

Expert lessons to customise SAP Payroll
Mike Timm, ICG

This insightful session tackles your most pressing SAP Payroll challenges, including tips and tricks, best practices, and practical advice from an SAP Payroll consulting veteran. Join this session to:

  • Develop an understanding of the SAP Payroll landscape, including how to modify schemas and rules to generate different premium wage types and amounts based on the type of hours worked from a single premium code
  • Explore functions and operations and why it may be more efficient to develop custom functions and operations to address functionality gaps rather than to create configuration workarounds
  • Learn how to avoid potentially costly mistakes when developing custom schemas, rules, operations, and functions

The fundamentals of customizing SAP Time Evaluation
Mike Timm, ICG

This session delves into the time evaluation process in SAP with an in-depth look at time entry, time evaluation, and payroll output, and examines whether and how a custom function or operation may be required. In this session you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of SAP Time Evaluation configuration objects, such as tables, schemas, rules, functions, and operations, and how each object impacts the process and flows to the time evaluation output
  • Through lecture and live demo, learn tips and tricks about configuration objects, including how to create and modify schemas and rules to avoid potentially costly mistakes when making changes to existing objects
  • See custom functions or operations implemented to meet business requirements