CATS User Parameters

We’ve been covering CATS (cross-application time sheets) functionality over the last several blog posts. SAP has provided a way to make using some of that functionality easier with User Parameters.

Many of you already know about user parameters and how they are useful to default in such things as company code or cost center. Employees entering data through should also use the parameters to make the process more efficient. Parameter PER should be set for each employee with their own personnel number.

A key parameter is CVR which sets the user default data entry profile. If you set the CATS profile attributes to not allow the profile to be chosen, this is necessary. Even if you allow the profile to be selected, the best thing you can do is set the parameter so that every week the employee uses the same profile giving them the same look and feel. If nothing else, set the parameter so that the employee doesn’t have to remember. Definitely a good way of reducing the number of data entry errors and errors during transfer.

You can easily set your own user parameters with tcode SU3 or the SAP menu path System > User profile > Own data > Parameters.

Our next post will cover using User Exits in CATS.