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CATS Series Recap

SAP provides very useful and robust functionality to capture employee time in Cross-Application Time Sheets (CATS). CATS is a mechanism to capture employee time and post to cost centers, projects, networks, or other cost objects. Over the last couple of months we have covered the following topics: Understanding the basics of CATS Using CATS Data: Updating CO Using CATS Data: Updating PM Using CATS Data: Updating PS Using CATS Data: Updating HR Transferring CATS Data CATS Profiles CATS User Parameters CATS User Exits We hope you have found these posts useful. ... Read more

CATS User Parameters

We've been covering CATS (cross-application time sheets) functionality over the last several blog posts. SAP has provided a way to make using some of that functionality easier with User Parameters. Many of you already know about user parameters and how they are useful to default in such things as company code or cost center. Employees entering data through should also use the parameters to make the process more efficient. Parameter PER should be set for each employee with their own personnel number. A ... Read more

CATS Profiles

Continuing with our blog series about CATS, we'll next cover CATS Profiles. At the most basic level, CATS Profiles determine the data entry fields available for entry or display: How the timesheet will appear Allow individual employee or multiple employee entry Fields available for entry and to be displayed The number of days available to be entered Profiles have 8 sections that may be configured to produce the desired data entry process. General settings Time settings Person selection Cost accounting variant Default ... Read more

Transferring CATS Data

We have previously covered Understanding the basics of CATS (cross-application time sheets) showing how SAP provides a very robust method to capture time data and have that data passed to other SAP modules. Then we continued to discuss how CO, PM, PS, and HR may use that capture time data. Using CATS Data: Updating CO (controlling) Using CATS Data: Updating PM (plant maintenance) Using CATS Data: Updating PS (project systems) Using CATS Data: Updating HR (human resources) The next step is to transfer the capture time ... Read more

HR 2017 Orlando | March 6-9

HR 2017 is the definitive conference for organizations evaluating and running SAP® and SAP SuccessFactors solutions including core HR, talent management, and payroll. Top experts from SAP, leading independent consulting firms, and your industry counterparts will present roadmaps, tips, tricks, best practices, and strategic recommendations that you can immediately put to use upon returning to the office. A step-by-step guide to automate your payroll process Mike Timm, ICG Linda Crosby, United Launch Alliance The payroll process comprises multiple steps involving configuration and integration. Attend this 3-hour ... Read more

Mike Timm of ICG to present at HR 2017 in Orlando

Omaha, Nebraska – December 12, 2016 – Mike Timm of Integrated Consulting Group is proud to announce that he will be presenting at the upcoming SAPinsider HR 2017 conference to offer proven advice to attendees. The event takes place March 6-9 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Attend to get best-in-class approaches and perspectives from leading consultants, industry trends from analysts, lessons learned from customers, and product updates and road map details directly from SAP. HR 2017 is an ... Read more

10 most critical factors of SAP payroll: Time management

We have finished five of the 10 most critical factors of SAP payroll and will explore time management in this post. Time Management includes the collection of time-related data, absences and attendances, and may include evaluation of the raw data all within SAP. SAP delivers several Infotypes to collect data with the most common being: 2001 Absences 2002 Attendances 2006 Absence Quotas 2010 Employee Remuneration Info 2013 Quota Correction 0416 Time Quota Compensation These infotypes may be maintained directly, through the use of Cross-Application Time Sheets (CATS), or ... Read more

Payroll Configuration: Reduce payroll risk of upgrades, support packs, and configuration changes

We are all familiar with the fact that there are many components that must be in proper working order for the payroll process to result successfully. Each component is a risk point in the payroll process and mitigation of that risk is necessary. Some components are outside of the payroll department control and result is a dependency on other areas that may not always consider payroll requirements. Payroll processes combines data from several sources including: SAP System HRSPs (HR Support Packs) Configuration (custom and delivered) HR ... Read more

Customizing the Time Evaluation Process with Table Entries, Schemas, Functions, Operations, & Rules

SAPexperts/HR In this video presentation by Mike Timm, learn about the key link in SAP payroll between wage types and tax models and how it affects payroll processing. Watch the video at SAPexperts | Customizing the Time Evaluation Process with Table Entries, Schemas, Functions, Operations, & Rules Read more