What Is SAP HCM?

What Is SAP HCM?When we started up our blog again last week, we kicked off with a post about what ICG is and what we do. And while that can be useful for readers and customers already familiar with SAP HCM, we thought we’d take a moment today to step back and break our services down to a more basic level.

Even for companies already using SAP software, looking further into different modules and solutions surrounding SAP implementation and change management can get confusing, which is why we thought we’d take a closer look at exactly what SAP HCM is. 

What Is SAP HCM?

SAP, as you probably already know, is an Enterprise Resource Planning software business suite that consists of several integrated software modules. SAP modules range from Financials and Controlling, to Human Resources/Human Capital Management, to Production Planning. Our main concern here at ICG is SAP HCM, the Human Capital Management module within the enterprise suite.

Put simply, the SAP HCM module is a software solution for Human Capital Management, which can help your business manage everything from time management and payroll to hiring and workforce training. Altogether, the HCM module of SAP can take an employee from hire to retire, and can help you manage your entire workforce in a manner that simply wasn’t possible before the arrival of software solutions like those currently offered by SAP.

Human Capital Management has the potential to be extremely complicated, and software solutions like SAP HCM can help organizations make the best of their workforce, both current and future. When used properly, SAP HCM is an absolutely incredible tool. 

Why Do I Need ICG’s Help? 

The far-reaching capabilities of SAP HCM are an upside in the proper hands, but when managed incorrectly are impossible to use to their full potential. Taking full advantage of the software’s functionality requires possessing full knowledge of its capabilities, and also requires a user with experience who knows how best to use the software to drive real business results. That’s just not possible without a thorough introduction to the software, and it’s not something that a company can hope to accomplish by trying to learn the software on their own.

That’s where ICG comes in. We’re specialists in SAP HCM, and know what it takes to help clients succeed in implementing and supporting the HCM module of SAP’s software. Not only that—we help with the integration of the HCM module to other modules, and can help SAP-user companies reach their full potential with our wide variety of consulting services that extend far beyond a basic knowledge of SAP HCM software.

Even for companies already using SAP software, proper utilization of the HCM module can be a tough task without proper guidance, and that’s what we’re here to help with at ICG. By helping companies implement HCM and look at the full picture—looking at systems goals, not just for solutions within the SAP software itself—we go above and beyond in helping companies take advantage of the full functionality of SAP HCM software in order to succeed.

Here at ICG, we don’t want to just help companies implement SAP HCM to the bare minimum—we want them to fully understand what they have and where they’re going, and that’s something that takes time and experience. If you’re interested in using SAP’s HCM software to help your business become more efficient while navigating this changing world, Integrated Consulting Group is here to help.

Interested in learning more about SAP HCM and how it can help your business? Let us know on Twitter @Integrated_CG, via email at info@integratedcg.com, or by phone at (866) 415-0071. We’re always here to answer your questions and would be more than happy to help.

photo credit: Martin Gillet via photopin cc