Using CATS Data: Updating HR (human resources)

In our previous posts, we discussed Understanding the basics of CATS (cross-application time sheets) and the robustness that it provides to capture employee time data. We then covered three modules that care about costing: Using CATS Data: Updating CO (controlling), Using CATS Data: Updating PM (plant maintenance), and Using CATS Data: Updating PS (project systems).

When we enter time in CATS there are several interactions with the HR module. CATS captures actual hours attended or absent, validates absences with absence quotas during entry, and allows several overrides. Time evaluation and Payroll will then use this data to calculate regular time, overtime, double time, paid or unpaid absences, differences in rates of pay, work tax overrides, and a variety of other items.

While time entry is occurring, absence and attendance quotas are being validated. An example is vacation.

  • If an employee has enough, no problem, the data passes.
  • If the employee does not have enough a warning or error may be generated


CATS may update the following HR Infotypes:

Absences (Infotypes 2001)

  • Actual hours absent
  • Validates absences with absence quotas

Attendances (Infotypes 2002)

  • Actual hours or start and end times attended
  • Validates attendances with attendance quotas
  • Below is an example where CATS attendances have been passed to HR

Substitutions (Infotype 2003)

  • Position option may be used to assign payment for the work according to the specifications of a different position
  • Used dhen an employee assumes a different position for a short period of time
  • For example, a line worker takes on the role of foreman for a shift, infotype 2003 would be populated so additional pay will be processed during payroll

Employee Remuneration Infotype 2010)

  • One-time earnings/deductions

Work Tax Area (Infotype 0208)

  • Work tax area may be entered that is different than the default area in Infotype 0208
  • For example, Nebraska was entered in CATS to override the employee regular work tax area of Iowa

Now that the data has been captured with all the options we need for CO, PM, PS, and HR, we’ll discuss the method to transfer the data from CATS Data to those modules.