The Hiring Process, Part II: How Hiring Affects Your Business

looking towards a crowded roomThis post is part II of a three-part series about hiring. Over the coming weeks, we’ll cover several different aspects of the hiring process, from how hiring affects your business, to what an interviewee can do to stand out from the rest. You can find part I of the series here.

On the surface, it seems obvious how hiring affects your business. But we need to dig a little deeper in order to understand just how important the hiring process is.

It’s estimated that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

As we mentioned last week, it’s important to find employees who will be integral parts of your team. More importantly, it is how your new hires will fit in with your team that is crucial to the success of your business.

Remember–when you are interviewing potential employees, make sure you can see them interacting positively with your clients, because it’s your employees who are with your clients on a daily basis. Your team has the opportunity to make a lasting impression on them–either positive or negative.

Not only must you consider how your employees affect your clients; you also but need to consider the effects of employees on other team members. In an article on, Micah Solomon looked into the power of peer pressure. He explains that employees bestow peer pressure on other team members who then interact with your clients.

If the peer pressure or attitude of one employee is negative, it has the power to bring your whole team (and potentially your clients) down. However, if the employees you hire are a fit with your business, they have the power to affect future employees positively.

Solomon calls it a snowball effect; when you hire employees who thrive in your business and share similar goals, future employees will learn from them and continue to build the team up.

A business can’t afford to make hiring mistakes. Replacing a team member who didn’t work out is costly, both financially and on your team’s confidence level. That is why going through the hiring process carefully and precisely is so important. It’s not just about which candidate is perfect on paper—it’s about which candidate is a correct fit for the culture of your business.

Be sure to check back next week for part III of our series. Until then, if you have any questions on our series on the hiring process, feel free to contact us via the contact page of our site, or on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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