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SAP HCM payroll tip: Use the What If tool for quick testing of TaxFactory

SAP HCM relies on BSI TaxFactory for US payroll tax calculations, but HCM teams may be unaware that the tool is available and can help you do some quick testing when the time comes to apply TUBs, Cyclic, or upgrade to a newer version of BSI TaxFactory. For testing, we can reuse the scenarios we’ve already created by changing a few data elements instead of having to locate and create all the data in SAP. This does not replace end user testing, ... Read more

Payroll Configuration: Reduce payroll risk of upgrades, support packs, and configuration changes

We are all familiar with the fact that there are many components that must be in proper working order for the payroll process to result successfully. Each component is a risk point in the payroll process and mitigation of that risk is necessary. Some components are outside of the payroll department control and result is a dependency on other areas that may not always consider payroll requirements. Payroll processes combines data from several sources including: SAP System HRSPs (HR Support Packs) Configuration (custom and delivered) HR ... Read more
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