Optimizing Payroll in SAP: Looking Back on the Philadelphia Seminar

Optimizing_Payroll_in_SAP_October_07__2014_at_0358PMThe Philadelphia Seminar was a great time with vast amounts of information, detailed how-to’s with examples, and opinions provided by the speakers and attendees. The interaction between speakers and attendees helped to share knowledge and gain insight into how SAP functionality works for different SAP customers.

As expected, BSI 10.0 was a much discussed topic as many users have struggled to get it installed and have reciprocity calculation issues. From the companies with attendees at the seminar, only one had gone live, and two will go live within the next couple of weeks. We’ve requested updates from these companies to see what things pop up and look forward to hearing about lessons learned.

Most of the hot topics we typically hear about with SAP revolve around cloud and mobile, but these topics had very little interest in Philadelphia. Many attendees have SuccessFactors in their environment, love the user experience, and are focused on how to streamline in order to make their existing SAP payroll more efficient. After all, payroll is core, and employees don’t care if their payroll department uses a beautiful interface as long as their check is correct.

It will be interesting to see how the discussion changes at the next seminar in Chicago. Since the Chicago seminar is in November, we’ll be near the deadline for the BSI 10.0 upgrade, so most companies will be live and (hopefully) have the kinks worked out. Year-end preparation will be well underway by most payroll departments and any struggles that come with that will be at the top of the discussion list at the seminar.

We’d like to extend a big thank-you to Yu Chen, Jennifer Adams, Charolette Christy, Molly Folan, and all of our attendees!

If you missed the Philadelphia Seminar, check out ICG’s Mike Timm and his recent podcast on SAPinsider regarding FICO integration and payroll year-end.

On November 5, SAPinsider will host Mike Timm for a live online Q&A to discuss SAP Payroll Year-End. Make sure to join in and get your questions answered.

Do you have any questions about Philadelphia’s seminar? Please drop us a comment or reach out to us on twitter: @MikeTimmSAP and @SAPinsiderHR. We’d love to hear from you!

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