Mastering HR & Payroll with SAP Solutions 2016 Johannesburg, South Africa | April 11 – 13

WebBanner_HRP_speakerA vibrant community where HR & Payroll people come together to have important conversations about HR reporting & analytics, talent management & SuccessFactors, automating & optimising HR processes & services, HR mobility options, HCM visualisation, optimising payroll & time processing, data ownership & management, and organisational management. Designed to help each other pinpoint new and different ways to use SAP HR & Payroll functionality to get business results. Join us for 36+ sessions, workshops, deep-dives and panel discussions. Plus a plethora of networking opportunities and social gatherings.

Navigating Your Options for SAP Payroll Reporting and Picking the Right Tool for the Job

Mike Timm, ICG
Time: Monday, April 11 10:45am

A comprehensive overview of the standard payroll reporting options within SAP ERP HCM and offers guidelines for choosing the right one for your HR requirements. Review the capabilities within different payroll reports in SAP ERP HCM: Completeness Check Reports, Check Register, Payroll Journal, Wage Type Reporter, and Payroll Control Center. Understand the fundamentals of various SAP Payroll reports and how they can be applied. Review the key guiding principles for SAP Payroll reporting, for e.g., the Right Information, at the Right Time, to the Right Person, for the Right Decisions, etc. Create a reporting tool selection methodology to pick the right report for the reporting requirement.

The 10 Most Critical Factors That Impact the Accuracy and Efficiency of SAP Payroll

Mike Timm, ICG
Time: Tuesday, April 12 10:45am

Knowing what impacts payroll and how to help reduce the risks of those impacts will increase payroll efficiency and reduce payroll errors. When it comes to configuring, processing, and administering payroll, small details can have big ramifications. The most critical business, strategy, and technical topics every payroll professional must weigh carefully in order to avoid unnecessary costs and maximize efficiency.
1. Data integrity
2. Integration
3. Configuration and customization
4. HRSP and legal changes
5. Unit and parallel testing
6. Time management
7. Tax reporting and auditing
8. Troubleshooting
9. Year-end processing
10. Overpayments and claims

Hands on Workshop to Streamline the Payroll Process Through Customisation

Mike Timm, ICG
Time: Wednesday, April 13 9:00am

This workshop will be a hands on experience to streamline payroll processes using SAP delivered customisation tools. We will identify business requirements, discuss possible approaches, and then create the method to meet the business requirement. We’ll also explore ways we can streamline our payroll process and make it more efficient. We will design and create a Payroll process model, Payroll area menu and Payroll schema and rule. Gain a deep understanding of what SAP delivers and how we can use the tools to meet business needs, as well as be troubleshooting attendee real world issues so they can go home and resolve them. This hands on experience will be attendee driven to find issues they have and how to resolve them.