HR2013 Recap

The HR2013 conference was the 10th annual and Amy Thistle put it together excellently.  The move to an HR only conference appeared to be well received and I found networking much easier because we all had an HR focus.

Discussions about SuccessFactors and the Cloud were heard all around, but as a Payroll and Time consultant I’m still trying to figure out exactly how this will impact my areas. I’m also interested in how SAP will work with customers that may not be able to, or will have a difficult time, moving to the Cloud due to governmental restrictions. I have a client that does almost exclusive work for the government and the executives like the idea of the Cloud, but have found the government guidelines difficult to manuever. The rush to push the Cloud has some customers concerned about the support and functionality they’ll receive in the future.

I found HANA very interesting and think the potential is great, even though, Payroll and Time are not sold as receiving direct performance improvements. HANA will require breaking apart the clusters and that should be an interesting activity to follow. Not much changes in Payroll and Time so elimination of the clusters will be significant. I look forward to how HANA plays out and how it fits with SuccessFactors.

My next stop is Financials2013 on March 22 where I’m giving one session ‘Optimize data flow between SAP ERP HCM payroll and SAP ERP Financials: Proven strategies for a smooth integration’.

I’m already looking forward to HR2014 in Orlando. Hope to see you there!

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