How to Apply for an Internal Position

InterviewPrepOne of the best places for you to look for a new job could be right where you are – in your current company. Your boss wants to keep good employees, and hiring from within is the obvious way to do it.

So, are you interested in a different job within your current company but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tell your boss: This step can be tricky, for you don’t want to give your boss the impression that you are unhappy in your current position. The best way to approach the topic with your boss is to present the job opportunity as a positive move for your career. Make it known to your boss that you want to advance your career and that the new job opportunity is too good to pass up.
  • Build your internal network: Your internal network should be built long before you try to move up in your company. If you are a hard worker, it shouldn’t be a problem. Your co-workers and teammates will be aware of your contributions and performance within the company.
  • Use your internal network: Is the new job you are interested in worth applying and interviewing for? Ask around the office. It’s a good way for you to get an idea of what the job really is, and it’s also a good way to find out why the last person left the job.
  • Update your resume and cover letter: As always, make sure your resume reflects your skill set. Be specific when writing about the responsibilities your current job entails. It’s possible that you will know your interviewer and he/she may already be familiar with you and your position, but be careful not to sell yourself short! Be detailed, and list your achievements.

Applying for an internal position can benefit you greatly—your manager and/or boss know how you interact with your co-workers, what your strengths are, and your work ethic. A new position in your current company can be a great way to expand your career.

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photo credit: Beta Soluciones Empresariales via photopin cc