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How to Network at a Seminar/Conference

There isn’t a better way to find like-minded people than at a seminar. These peers can help you learn about different topics that will better your understanding and therefore, your business. Making new connections is key to furthering your career. Knowing how to network at a seminar is crucial. Here are a few tips. How to Prepare Prior to the Seminar: Come ready. Make sure you bring updated business cards. Know your goals—what do you want to get most out of this seminar? ... Read more

Tips for Attending Seminars

Business seminars are a great way to sharpen your skills, learn what’s new in the world of business, and to network. Just as we talked about with conferences last March, there is a right way and a wrong way to attend seminars. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Come prepared. Look at the schedule ahead of time. Which speakers do you want to see? What topics are you interested in learning more about? Familiarize yourself with the speakers' works – What ... Read more