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HR 2014 Photo Update: Day 2

A lot has happened at HR 2014 since my first update on Tuesday morning. Of everything I've seen thus far, one of my favorite events was the panel discussion in Bay Lake between Sharon Newton (@sharonnewton) and Steve Bogner (@stevebogner), moderated by Brandon Toombs (@brandontoombs). One of the best quotes--made in jest, of course--was that "you'll have to fire everyone," in response to an attendee asking what moving to the cloud would mean for their staff.┬áIt was obvious from the questions and answers ... Read more

HR 2014 Photo Update: Day 1

If you've been keeping up with ICG on Twitter and Facebook, and if you read my HR 2014 preview from last Thursday, you'd know that through the rest of the week, I'll be attending the HR 2014 Conference in Orlando, Florida. I've yet to speak at HR 2014, but I have had the time to see some wonderful speakers and to take a look around at all of the great things happening at this year's conference. I'll have more photos later, but ... Read more