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Facebook Privacy and Networking: How-To

If you have a Facebook timeline, you might have noticed recently that the advertisements on your homepage have been suggestions based on what you have been looking at on other sites. It’s a bit creepy, right? This isn’t the first time that Facebook has been accused of taking away people’s privacy. It’s scary to think that your personal information is being compromised. If you have a problem with your privacy being invaded, it seems like the smartest thing to do is delete ... Read more

3 Takeaways from Last Week’s Shutterfly Mishap

A few months back, we discussed how social media has a large number of uses in HR, from finding new recruits to managing and branding your company. What we didn’t mention then was how social media can help in crisis management. A few weeks ago, Shutterfly (a company who helps its customers turn photos into photo books, stationery, and countless other gifts) accidentally sent out an email to many of its customers congratulating them on their new arrivals. The problem was that ... Read more

4 Ways for HR to Use Social Media

While SAP HCM represents an incredible opportunity for HR departments to manage their workforce when used correctly, there are other tools and strategies that HR can deploy for recruiting, branding, and even management. In today's day and age, social media is a great tool across all of those aforementioned categories. From recruiting new employees to managing current ones, social media has a surprisingly large number of uses in HR. If you're struggling to find ways to effectively use social media, don't worry. See ... Read more